National and international labs

Access to national and international labs and wholesalers to always find the best product for your customers

Standardized ordering system

You will find products and prices of different labs presented in a standard and simple way

Immediate price comparison

Directly compare the final price of different manufacturers and compare it on your conditions. The purchase process is quick and easy

Optic Arena is the first ophthalmic multibrand distributor

Optic Arena is a distributor of ophthalmic lenses aimed exclusively at qualified opticians and professionals in the optical sector.

In Arena you can order products from different international manufacturers, in a simple and easily comparable way. Catalogues, prices and offers are easy to access. Brands are the best known.

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Why Optic Arena

In an increasingly expanding e-commerce context by end-customers, your business can also benefit from the potentials of digitalization, quickly comparing different offers even from laboratories now not suppliers and optimizing purchasing processes.


Arena does not sell to end customers directly.

Optic Arena overcomes the national barriers that characterize the ophthalmic market, opening up the access by opticians to non-national laboratories that would otherwise be more difficult to reach.

At the same time, it allows Italian laboratories to expand their range of action abroad.

The offer of the various manufacturers proposed by Optic Arena is standardized and makes the purchasing process simple, without the need to understand in detail and consult different catalogues and price lists, very different from each other.

The products are presented with the name and descriptions of the lab, and the corresponding catalogue is simply available for consultation. Net prices are clearly displayed.

Optic Arena is a simple and fast system to compare the purchase conditions with those of the market and to simplify the subject of reserved discounts.

The offer includes net prices. This allows you to immediately compare the Optic Arena offer for the single product with these conditions, all inclusive of technical characteristics and delivery times.

Optic Arena has a constant direct line with partner laboratories, to guarantee customers full technical, qualitative and logistical support.

When choosing and selecting the product, technical data sheets, grids and assembly rules are presented so that you do not have to browse the supplier catalogues.

The complete catalogues of the producers are however always available on the portal.

The labs and Optic Arena constantly launch temporary promotions to promote their products, news and other offers.

Promos and special conditions can be searched directly in the lens selection process.

A minimum order in terms of expenditure or quantity is not required on Optic Arena, and access is immediate.

For you it means the possibility to try a lab or a new lens without entering into direct contact with the manufacturer.

Finding the ideal solution for your customers will be quick and easy!

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Who we are

Digital Arena is a startup that was born in Friuli Venezia Giulia precisely in Pordenone in 2021 and is made up of a team of highly experienced people in the fields of ophthalmic, digital and technology.

The founder of Optic Arena is Michele Laurencig, whose important experience gained in the ophthalmic sector in a multinational context, has led him to know the particular dynamics of this sector and to make this project possible.

“Optic Arena was created with the aim of making the offer of the ophthalmic sector simpler, accessible and comparable and bringing value to the optical customer”.

About us

Optic Arena is a great opportunity to advertise and sell our products. We cooperate in defining the offer, we share news, offers and messages for the market.


Daniele, Omega Optix

Anytime I am not satisfied about a product I have a look in Optic Arena on what they offer to replace it. The process is very simple and quick.


Monica, Optician

With Optic Arena we have changed the way we procure lenses: the process is easy and transparent and our customers are satisfied.


Matteo, Optician


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